About This Guide

This document has been developed to help ensure that all communications materials produced for the H5s4Ks brand are consistent in look and feel, and support the overall brand. It specifies graphic elements and design grids that will help internal and external designers create a strong family look for H5s4Ks yet still allow room for individual creativity and special circumstances. While this guide provides general guidelines, it can’t anticipate every graphic application of our brand. If you have a project that requires unspecified graphic treatments or exceptions, please contact the Communications Department to discuss your needs.

Brand Promise

Changing young lives for the better!

Brand Positioning

As a foundation for children and youth H5s4Ks is committed to creating brighter futures by giving them the tools, opportunities, and support they need. The projects we fund provide training, equipment, experiences, and assistance so that young people can reach their full potential.


H5s4Ks logo is a multicoloured hand and leaf symbol which is typically used with bilingual text.

Logo Standards

There are three official versions of the H5s4Ks logo, each of which can be used depending on the medium, and the communications requirements.

English and French wording may be used separately as needed.

Whenever a logo is used, the following rules apply:

  • Always use the electronic files supplied.
  • Never alter the colours of the logo. If it appears on a solid colour background, it must be key-lined or dropped out in white.
  • The logo is not to be scaled non-proportionally, distorted, deconstructed, angled, or altered in any way.


The main font used for H5s4Ks materials is GEOMETOS.

Colour Palette

What you need to know about colour in a digital world:

  • CMYK is used in colour printing. If you are providing a file for printing with a print house, please ensure that the file you are sending has CMYK colours.
  • RGB is used in web development and digital documents.
  • PMS (or Pantone) is a propriety colour matching system.

Primary brand colours:

Improper Use

Maintain Proportions. Ensure that the logo is resized proportionately by hold the “Shift”key in most software programs to maintain the proportions while scaling up or down.

Don’t overcrowd the logo. Ensure that there is enough “white space” around the logo to allow clear identification of our brand, this goes for text, images and other company logos.

Don’t alter the colour of the logo. Do not at any time alter the colour of any of the elements in the logo. A small stroke line is permitted around the logo to help isolate the design.

Do not alter/remove elements of the logo. The H5s4Ks symbol must remain as a whole with either both English and French wording together or separately. Do not substitute fonts – use source files only.

Download the Branding Guide here.