AIA High Five for Kids Foundations’ donations make a splash on Ukrainian children’s summer

AIA High Five for Kids Foundation (H5s4Ks), AIA Canada’s registered charity, recently donated $5,000 towards supporting Ukrainian families and children in Ottawa and Winnipeg. 

The Ottawa branch of the Ukrainian Canadian Social Services and N.E.E.D.S. Inc. Services for Ukrainian Relief both received $2,500 to help Ukrainian children become acclimated to Canadian lifestyle and culture. 

H5s4Ks’ donation to the Ottawa branch of the Ukrainian Canadian Social Services helped bring together 35 displaced Ukrainian children, who now live in Ottawa, for a weeklong camping experience in the summer. Sunflower Camp, which just completed its second year of operation, provides a place where Ukrainian children can experience the peace and quiet of nature while enjoying the company of others. Organized by volunteers from the Ottawa branch of the Ukrainian Canadian Social Services, the camp celebrates Ukrainian culture, from food, language, art, and music. 

H5s4Ks’ charitable donation helped the N.E.E.D.S. Inc. Services provide hot, healthy meals to Ukrainian children part of their Introduction to Canada (INTRO) program. The INTRO program’s primary objective is to help Ukrainian children seamlessly transition to the Canadian school system. INTRO program sessions address language barriers and provide a safe environment for them to practice English prior to starting school. The program also includes healthy hot meals and snacks, completely free of charge. Over 3,500 meals were served between April 2023 and August 2023—in which H5s4Ks’ played a huge part. H5s4Ks’ donation was primarily used to purchase food supplies for the Hot Meals and Snacks Component of the INTRO program. 

The Ottawa branch of the Ukrainian Canadian Social Services and N.E.E.D.S. Inc Services are both incredibly appreciative for H5s4Ks’ support.

About AIA High Fives for Kids Foundation 

The High Fives for Kids Foundation (H5s4Ks), which was established in 2005 as a charitable non-profit organization, assists AIA Canada members and divisions in their efforts to support Canadian charities that benefit children and youth by collecting and redistributing funds. H5s4Ks is committed to creating brighter futures for Canadian children and youth by giving them the tools, opportunities, and support they need. The projects we fund provide training, equipment, experience, and assistance so that young people can reach their full potential.